[Career Education] All About Handshake

Becoming familiar with Handshake (formerly MyCWS) is a great way to learn about career options and internships/jobs. This website allows you to:
  • schedule appointments with your mentor/advisor
  • browse and RSVP to career-related events
  • apply for jobs and internships

Here’s how you can get started with your account and customize it to what you’re interested in:



Other Resources:
 Handouts on resume and cover letter writing: https://wellesley.joinhandshake.com/articles/1834
 Information on internships and grants (you can design your own with grant funding!): https://wellesley.joinhandshake.com/articles/1841
A list of the Career Education staff with links to their Handshake profiles: https://wellesley.joinhandshake.com/schools/147
Here are the links to different saved searches organized by Career Community. Click on the areas that interest you and best suit your needs!
Marketing, Communications, & Arts:http://bit.ly/2dsOvS4
Technology, Engineering, & Physical Sciences: http://bit.ly/2dt1wqw
Health, Public Health, & Life Sciences: http://bit.ly/2d8r2px
Consulting, Finance, Business, & Entrepreneurship:http://bit.ly/2cMvGqd
Education, Nonprofit, & Human Services: http://bit.ly/2dsPhyw
Government, International Affairs, & Law:http://bit.ly/2dg8z6L
For more information on Career Education, check out the page on our website!

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