(BC)^2 Fall 2016 Recap

From spreading awareness about our club at the org fair in early September to our ATP party  during the last full week of classes, we hope you’ve all had fun participating in our events! We’re so happy that we could spread our passion for science and bring our community together at the same time.

As the end of the year approaches, let’s take a moment to look at all that we’ve accomplished together this fall:

  • 9/10: Org Fair


  • 9/14: Scavenger Hunt at the Science Center


  • 10/18: Heart Rhythm Lunch Lecture with Professor Louise Darling


  • 10/26: Student Research Panel


  • 11/3: Dessert Series with Professor Elizabeth Oakes


  • 11/6: General Member Meeting and Registration Workshop


  • 11/13: Isolating DNA from Cheek Cells for the Science Club for Girls Science Fair


  • 11/13: GRE Strategy Session with The Princeton Review
  • 11/15: Biology Community Big-Little Social


  • 11/29: Climate Change Lunch Lecture with Professor Jackie Hatala-Matthes


  • 12/8: ATP Party


Thank you all for supporting us and coming to our events. We can’t wait to host more events and get to know you all even better next semester! Let us know if you have any questions or concerns through our email: wellesleybc2@gmail.com or our Facebook page. Hope the rest of your break is lovely!


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