Current E-board Members



President- Meg Berry ‘20

Majors/minors: Chemistry major,Philosophy minor
Interests: I’m interested in biochemistry, women’s health, and equity in scientific research. Outside scientific interests, I like running, baking, and coffee!

meg pun

Vice President- Elizabeth Mason ‘21
Major: Prospective Economics Major
Interests: I’m interested in medicine, economics, and biology of course!
Pun/joke: Science Pun

Treasurer- Jessie Huang ‘21

Major/Minor: Prospective Chemistry major, Women & Gender Studies minor
Interests: I’m interested in CS/computational sciences, public health, also hiking and baking.



Secretary/Department Liaison- Kathy Han ‘21

Major/Minor: Prospective Biochemistry major, Economics minor

Interests: I’m interested in biochemistry, medicine, and economics.

Career Services/Research Liaison- Caitlin Pham ‘20

Major: Prospective Neuro/CS
Interests: I’m interested in computation, medicine, and makeup.

Lunch & Dessert Series Lecture Chair- Isabelle Yuan ‘20

Majors: International Relations and History
Interests: Walking, eating watermelon, Korean dramas and eating in Bae Pao Lu Chow on 4!
Pun/Joke: Don’t want none unless you got Bunsen.

Annual & Women in Science Lecture Chair- Lydia Guo ‘20

Spam Mistress- Stephanie Makredes 

Major: Biochemistry
Interests: I’m interested in french, medicine, and cute animals 🙂

Steph pun

Web Mistress/ Co-Social Chair- Celine Phu ‘21

Major/ Minor: Prospective Biology major, Chinese minor
Interests: I’m interested in biology, medicine, art, and dance.
Pun/Joke: If I was an enzyme, I’d be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes.

Princeton Review Representative/ Co-Social Chair- Becca Gilbert

Major: Biochemistry
Interests: Italian, research, medicine


Senator- Jane Hua ’22

Major: Biochemistry and Math double major
Interests: Youtube, sleep, and R&B


First Year Liaison- Madeline Paoletti ‘22

Major/ Minor: Prospective Biology major, Russian and Geoscience minor
Interests: I like pleasure reading, playing with my rabbit, and hiking.