Current E-board Members


President- Christina He ‘18


Majors/minors: Studio art major, biology minor
Interests: reproductive medicine, women’s health, philanthropy, art

Co Vice Presidents- Alyssa Li ‘19 & Yelim Lee ‘18


Major: Biochemistry; Minor: Music
Interests: Playing the piano, travelling, reading, exploring cafés, and watching SherlockFriends, and Grey’s Anatomy
Favorite science pun/joke: Did you hear about the man who got cooled to absolute zero He’s 0K now.


Major: Anthropology
Interests: Health Care, Online communities, Fencing, Wushu, Drawing, Video Games
Pun/Joke: Some people are worse than bacteria, at least bacteria has culture.

Treasurer- Teresa Chen ‘18


Major/Minor: Biological Sciences major and Economics minor
Interests: I like to take walks around the lake, play the flute and piano, read a book, and sing
Pun/Joke: What’s a caterpillar’s favorite weapon? A caterpolt! 

Secretary/Department Liaison- Priya Basak ‘18

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Priyanka Basak is a senior majoring in biological sciences. She is interested in genetics and developmental biology, and is a member of Yui Suzuki’s Insect Development and Evolution Lab at Wellesley. She is working on her thesis on gene expression during development in the tobacco hornworm caterpillar; one of the cutest and chubbiest caterpillars in existence. Outside of the lab, Priyanka enjoys spending time with her friends, listening to stand up comedy, and napping.

Favorite science joke: How much room is needed for fungi to grow? As mushroom as possible!

Career Services/Research Liaison- Helena Yan ‘18


Major: Neuroscience
Interests: I like doing nature photography, sleeping, and taking long walks in new places when I’m not listening to podcasts or watching TV (I’m a very big Sherlock fan).
Pun/joke: I don’t really have a favorite joke, but you can count on me to make chemistry jokes periodically!

Social Chair- Lily Mohr ’19


Major: Women’s and Gender Studies, Premedical Studies.
Interests: Philosophy, power, justice, equity, ethics, broadcast media.
Joke: If I was an enzyme, I’d be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes.

Lunch Series Lecture Chair- Jenny Zhang ‘20

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Major: Neuroscience
Interests: I love to read. Some of my favorite books are The Sympathizer, the Glass Castle, and the GoT series. I also love to oil paint and stroll around in parks. Some of my favorite TV shows are Parks & Rec, Friends, and Master of None.
Pun/Joke: Two red blood cells fell in love. But alas! It was all in vein!

Dessert Series Lecture Chair- Becca Gilbert ‘20


Major: Biochemistry
Interests: I am really interested in microbiology, especially the human microbiome. I enjoy dancing and playing tennis. I also like watching How To Get Away With Murder and Project Runway.
Pun/Joke: What was Schrödinger’s favorite childhood book? The Cat in the Box

Women in Science Lecture Chair- Meg Berry ‘20


Major/Minor: Chemistry with possible philosophy minor
Interests: science!, baking, dogs, more baking 🙂
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Annual Lecture Chair- Shivani Dayal ‘20


Major: Neuroscience, Minor: Health and Society
Interests: I’m interested in understanding the mind-body connection through both science and philosophy. I’m also interested in public health and how culture influences people’s health. When I’m not in the science center, you will find me watching cute animal videos, napping, drinking tea, or watching Netflix.
Pun/Joke: Q: Why can you never trust atoms? A: They make up everything!

Spam Mistress- Maya Weber ‘20


Majors: Economics and pre-med
Interests: Going into Boston, trying new foods, my dog Holly

Web Mistress- Catherine Xie ‘19


Majors: Biochemistry and French
Interests: Running, working with cells, Elementary, The Temper Trap, mint chip gelato
Pun/Joke: You must be the one for me…since my selectively permeable membrane let you through!

Senator- Alaina Zhang ‘18


Majors: Biochemistry major and Studio Art minor
Interests: Reading, computer games, watching movies and netflix
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Princeton Review Representative- Isabelle Yuan ‘20

Majors: International Relations and History
Interests: Walking, eating watermelon, Korean dramas and eating in Bae Pao Lu Chow on 4!
Pun/Joke: Don’t want none unless you got Bunsen.

First Year Liaison- Elizabeth Mason ’21


Major: Biology
Interests: I like petting cats, playing board games, and attempting to surf.

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