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Ever wondered what to do with your degree in STEM? Curious about what Wellesley alums have been up to?

In the summer of 2016, Helena Yan (Class of 2018) visited a few Wellesley alumnae in the Philadelphia region to talk about their career paths and how they got started. Read her “Letters to Wendy” series in our blog section to hear her reflections on their conversations!

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“Letters to Wendy” aims to provide a more mature perspective on how our college experience could help us decide what to pursue after graduation. There are 5 letters addressed to Wendy Wellesley that will be posted on our blog. Check back weekly for a new letter!

1st Letter: [Dear Wendy] Michele Lee

2nd Letter: [Dear Wendy] Lynn Helmer

3rd Letter: [Dear Wendy] Peyton Petty

4th Letter: [Dear Wendy] Camille Pane

5th Letter: [Dear Wendy] Kieran Pechter